Lisa Armytage plays Ruby Connor in RiversideLisa Armytage is an experienced actor in film, tv and theatre, and an established audiobook narrator. After a season with the National Youth Theatre, she trained at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, soon afterwards emigrating to Australia. She is best known as Dr Beverley Marshall in the iconic Aussie soap, ‘Neighbours’, and the lead female role in the Australian romantic movie ‘Cool Change’. Also in Australia, Lisa was a main cast member in the TV mini-series ‘The Lancaster-Miller Affair’ and ‘Miraculous Mellops’ and took guest roles in ‘’Cop Shop’, ‘Cell Block H’, ‘The Flying Doctors’, ‘Police Rescue 2’, ‘A Country Practice’, ‘Sky Trackers’, ‘Heartbreak High’ and ‘All Saints’. Since returning to the U.K in 2003 Lisa returned to working in theatre before narrating a wide range of audiobook genres. She has recently completed her third audiobook for best-selling British-Australian novelist Anna Jacobs, and has voiced animations and dramas, of which ‘Riverside’ is the latest.

Lisa on playing Ruby: “It’s so good to be part of a soap again. Especially playing the feisty, romantic Ruby. Riverside has that optimistic ‘Neighbours’ feeling. A sense of community at a time when we all really need it. I jumped at the chance to play Ruby. She is my favourite out of all the characters, loud, impetuous and naively romantic, she was a joy to play. It was wonderful to be back working in audio-drama again, especially with such colourful characters and a bunch of talented actors.”

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